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Making Plurilateral Initiatives Work for All

Reforming the WTO Through Inclusive and Development-friendly Approaches

Updating the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules has become imperative to address pressing global issues such as food security, pandemic responses, climate and the environment, and emerging areas in services trade. Plurilateral agreements can be a viable option where achieving multilateral consensus in the WTO is difficult. To ensure that they advance the multilateral trading system, plurilaterals should follow an inclusive and development-friendly framework. 

Dr. Claudia Schmucker
Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner
External Publications

Double-Edged Sword

How to Engage Returnee Networks in Migrant Reintegration
Victoria Rietig
Sophie Meiners

Frauenproteste in Iran

Feministische Außenpolitik als Chance für einen Wandel der deutschen Iran-Politik
Kerstin Müller

Proteste im Iran

Versagt die feministische Außenpolitik Deutschlands?
Dr. Cornelius Adebahr



Vergangene Veranstaltungen

07:00 | 12 - 15 Sep 2019

Socio-Economic Challenges and the Impact of Regional Dynamics on Jordan

Employment, Social Cohesion, and International Cooperation – Perspectives from the Region and Europe (Workshop I)

Intensifying crises and instability in Jordan’s immediate neighborhood pose a significant challenge to the Hashemite Kingdom. Amman not only faces a difficult security environment, but also needs to balance its relations with its neighbors and Western partners who frequently pursue conflicting interests.

09:00 | 13 - 15 Juni 2019

Socio-Economic Challenges and Jordan’s Foreign Policy

Employment, Trade, and International Cooperation – Perspectives from the Region and Europe (Workshop II)

The workshop in Amman was the second in a series devoted to analyzing issues related to Jordan’s socio-economic reforms and foreign policy. Mid-level experts who work in the field of policy analysis and advice in think tanks, academic research institutions, and comparable organizations discussed options for action together with decision-makers. The participants had previously attended a workshop in Berlin in April 2019.

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