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Sanctions Against Russia

Five Lessons from the Case of Iran

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has led to the most comprehensive economic sanctions imposed on a country of this size since the end of the Second World War. Yet sanctions are only an effective tool of foreign and security policy if they are embedded in a sustainable political strategy that considers the cost-benefit analysis for both sides. Looking at the sanctions against Iran can be helpful when it comes to learning lessons about how to deal with Russia.

Dr. Stefan Meister
Dr. David Jalilvand
Policy Brief

Migration Instrumentalization

A Taxonomy for an Efficient Response
Alia Fakhry
Dr. András Rácz
Dr. Roderick Parkes
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07:00 | 12 - 15 Sep 2019

Socio-Economic Challenges and the Impact of Regional Dynamics on Jordan

Employment, Social Cohesion, and International Cooperation – Perspectives from the Region and Europe (Workshop I)

Intensifying crises and instability in Jordan’s immediate neighborhood pose a significant challenge to the Hashemite Kingdom. Amman not only faces a difficult security environment, but also needs to balance its relations with its neighbors and Western partners who frequently pursue conflicting interests.

09:00 | 13 - 15 Jun 2019

Socio-Economic Challenges and Jordan’s Foreign Policy (Workshop II)

Employment, Trade, and International Cooperation – Perspectives from the Region and Europe

The workshop in Amman was the second in a series devoted to analyzing issues related to Jordan’s socio-economic reforms and foreign policy. Mid-level experts who work in the field of policy analysis and advice in think tanks, academic research institutions, and comparable organizations discussed options for action together with decision-makers. The participants had previously attended a workshop in Berlin in April 2019.

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