Migration is the core theme at DGAP that explores migration flows, policies, and debates in Germany, Europe, and beyond. Through the umbrella of the migration theme, DGAP aims to connect the work of its Migration Program with the geographic and thematic expertise provided by all of its other research programs. This approach allows DGAP to create in-house synergies among its experts, and to offer interdisciplinary and regional expertise on migration, asylum, and refugee issues.


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What If Europe Faced a Lack-of-Migration Crisis?

In 2030, Geras GmbH – a privately held giant in the German market for senior care homes – is forced to close over 500 of its facilities, leading to headlines about staffing gaps in the care sector. But Germany is not the only country where critical sectors are under pressure. Finding ways to alleviate workforce deficits has become the top priority for national governments everywhere in Europe. While advanced economies in other parts of the world reap benefits from the skilled laborers coming out of North and West Africa, Europeans are left to agree to ambiguous labor migration deals that expose their vulnerabilities. This imagined scenario shows how protectionist migration policies can become a real threat to European autonomy.

Alia Fakhry

Migration Instrumentalization

A Taxonomy for an Efficient Response
Alia Fakhry
Dr. András Rácz
Dr. Roderick Parkes
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