Migration is one of DGAP’s core themes, meaning that work on the topic is not done solely by its migration program but flows from all of its thematic areas and research programs. Through this theme, DGAP aims to integrate its geographic and thematic expertise on migration, asylum, and refugees in order to generate synergies for joint publications, events, and other formats.

Recent publications

Global Migration in 2030: Time To Take Africa Seriously

Chapter from Building European Resilience & Capacity to Act: Lessons for 2030

As part of our research project to assess whether the EU is on the right course for 2030, this chapter looks at global migration. By envisioning three scenarios for 2030 – a status quo, worst-case, and best-case scenario – we aim to ensure the EU is properly aware of the implications of continuing its current trajectory, is prepared for the worst, and understands how to achieve the best. W


Past events