Through its established network of politicians, businesspeople, academics, and journalists, as well as embassies, companies, and institutions, DGAP offers its members and sponsors an exclusive platform for exchange. Young DGAP brings together those who are interested in foreign policy and under the age of 35. In all, more than 2,800 members value the unique networking opportunities that DGAP provides for both knowledge building and professional development.

Circa 150 events per year exclusively for members

DGAP offers its members access to a variety of events including lectures, fireside chats, panels, early-bird meetings, and debates with its partners from the German Bundestag, business, foundations, and other think tanks. These events feature high-ranking experts discussing foreign policy’s most pressing developments, backroom politics, and strategic questions in an intimate atmosphere. They conclude with time for exchanging views and networking on a more personal level.

Founded in 2008, Young DGAP is a network customized for younger foreign policy professionals with specialized event formats and mentoring programs.

Regional forums

To further enliven DGAP’s network outside of its headquarters in Berlin, members have organized seven regional forums. These are run by members on a voluntary basis in North Rhine-Westphalia (with locations in Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, and the Ruhr area), Stuttgart, Saxony, Hamburg/Hanseatic cities, Frankfurt, Munich, and Brussels. The forums work with partners within their regions to develop events, some of which are customized for members of Young DGAP. 

Foreign policy journal Internationale Politik

Internationale Politik (IP) is Germany’s leading foreign policy journal. Members can subscribe at a discounted rate.

Library and information center 

Its more than 85,000 books, 200 national and international specialty journals, and numerous electronic publications make DGAP’s library and information center one of Germany’s largest public specialty collections on foreign policy. Through its cooperation with the “German Information Network International Relations and Area Studies” (IBLK), our library provides access to one of the largest bibliographic social science databases in Europe. Members are welcome to contact library staff to request customized searches of our holdings or to use our online catalog to search them themselves.

Member log-in at

Our public website provides an overview of our programs and core themes, as well as news about events and publications. From our homepage, members can log-in to access content provided exclusively for them, e.g. recordings from past events.

Networking through a DGAP group on LinkedIn

 A closed LinkedIn group offers DGAP members a valuable online platform for exchanging views and networking with key contacts.




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