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Don’t Panic!

How to Give Germany’s Crisis Management Strategic Footing

Crises cannot be predicted. But that is no excuse for being unprepared. By evaluating how previous crises were handled, governments can improve future crisis management and give it strategic footing. This paper presents reforms based on past experience, and it shows how they might fit into Germany’s planned National Security Strategy (NSS). As such, it rethinks the relationship between crisis response and strategy.

Tobias Bergner
Dr. Roderick Parkes
Policy Brief

The False Promise of Open RAN

Why Open RAN Does Not Solve the “5G China challenge”
Dr. Tim Rühlig
Jan-Peter Kleinhans
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Re‐Visioning Borders

Mobility, Connectivity, and Spaces of Exception
Dr. Roderick Parkes
Artur Gruszczak
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