Young DGAP

Founded in 2008 by Arend Oetker, Young DGAP is a platform for students and young professionals to explore a wide range of foreign policy issues and debate developments of global concern.

Its more than 1,000 members hail from throughout Germany. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, Young DGAP has six regional branches: Baden-Württemberg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Saxony. Hosting around 120 events per year, the platform is run “by its members for its members” to create compelling opportunities to engage with experienced foreign policy practitioners from the fields of politics, academia, culture, and industry.

Through a variety of innovative event formats – including Ambassador Briefings with hosts such as China, USA, or Russia, which provide access to intimate off-the-record debriefs; or Fish Bowls, which illuminate the work of key decision-makers such as the Federal Ministry of Defence’s group on cybersecurity – our discussions aim to challenge and inspire.

The Young DGAP has a Mentoring Program, which has successfully matched over 200 Young DGAP members with professionals from DGAP’s extensive network. Since 2018, it also has a Fellowship Program. This initiative gives young people – who have been chosen through an application process – the opportunity to work closely with the DGAP research program to create events and develop ideas. 


Young DGAP Office
Laura Strömpel
Community Manager &
Membership Services
Young DGAP Steering Committee

Joanna Klever
Co-Director & Events

Sabine Ries
Co-Director & Fellowship Manager

Carsten Berger
Regional Coordinator

Sena Staufer


Young DGAP Regional Team

Regional Forum Baden-Württemberg

Lennard Stoll

Laurent Weißenberger


Regional Forum Frankfurt 

Max Kayser


Regional Forum Hanseatic Cities

Lennart Werksnis

Ariane Schulz

Christian Gerl


Regional Forum Munich

Maximilian Keller                              

Natalia Valeria Müller

Jonas Schwarz 


Regional Forum NRW

Philip Ackermann


Regional Forum Saxony 

Timo Frahm

Young DGAP Fellowship

Within the framework of their fellowship, each of the fellows develops their own policy project in cooperation with a thematic focus of the DGAP Research Institute. Through their affiliation with the (Young) DGAP, Fellows have the opportunity to help shape the debates there and to appear externally as the face of the Young DGAP, e.g., by organizing and participating in panel discussions or by giving keynote speeches. The fellowship can serve as a springboard to make one's expertise known to a larger professional audience and to gain experience in think tank work. A fellowship at DGAP offers a variety of opportunities to deepen one's knowledge in the field of foreign policy and to expand one's network in politics, academia, and civil society. In all of this, one can draw on the experience, expertise, and networking of the DGAP Research Institute. Find out more:

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