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The Hidden G2 for Democratic Tech Governance is the EU-US Relationship

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The EU and the United States are expected to launch a Trade and Technology Council (TTC) on the sidelines of the US-EU Summit in mid-June, which could present a rare opportunity to jumpstart the EU-US technology relationship. Against the backdrop of rapid technological change, a transatlantic digital technology community could be a 21st-century answer to the Coal and Steal Community – a big democratic project that reaches across borders, knits like-minded communities together in a manner that reinforces shared values, and codifies standards of market access, increased interdependence, and intensified political dialogue.

A graph showing the proposed increase of the carbon price on gasoline in Germany, as agreed by the German government in 2019

Climate Policy Comes Home

All the German parties want credit for raising climate targets. But none wants to be blamed for raising carbon prices to achieve them.

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