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Coping with Technology Sanctions in the Russian Financial Sector

The Russian financial sector has taken a double hit from sanctions – both in infrastructure (affecting financial transactions) and in technology (affecting the hardware and software). Infrastructural sanctions imposed by Western countries in reponse to the war on Ukraine (de-SWIFTing, overcompliance, and breaking of correspondent relationships) affected their operational activity. Moreover, the Russian government banned the use of foreign software and equipment imports, which has been a drag on business development. The financial sector was able to withstand the first shock. However, the most recent restrictions on access to advanced technologies, especially from the US and the EU, will lead to import substitution based on technologies of yesterday.

Alexandra Prokopenko
Policy Brief

Who’s Afraid of (Ukraine’s) Victory?

For Germany’s chancellor, victory seems to be the hardest word. This reluctance appears driven by fears of geopolitical change, which he seems hesitant to shape, let alone master, and by drawing the wrong lessons from German history.

Dr. Benjamin Tallis
Julian Stöckle
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Dossier: Russia’s War Against Ukraine

Russia’s attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022, violated international law, shocked the global community, and brought war to Europe – along with fears of a nuclear escalation. In a policy statement three days after that war began, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz referred to the Russian invasion as a turning point in the history of the European continent – and announced a so-called Zeitenwende, a significant turnaround in Germany’s security and defense policy.

This dossier provides an overview of DGAP’s diverse expertise and activities on all aspects of the ongoing conflict.

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