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How Can an Expanding EU Best Protect Rule of Law and Democracy?

Democracy, human rights, and rule of law are enshrined in the Treaties and are part of the European Union’s (EU) DNA. There was no hesitation at the time to include those provisions in the Treaties. But over the past years, we have seen backsliding in some countries, and the EU struggling to impose respect for the rule of law. The EU has given considerable attention to the issue and developed a whole toolbox of instruments to deal with it, both specific rule of law instruments as well as more general tools that can also serve for rule of law purposes. 

Dr. András Rácz
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External Publications

On the Wrong Track

The German government has straightjacketed itself by a return to the “debt brake,” pursuing a stringent fiscal policy at a time when the country is trying to fight its way of out a recession. Two of three ruling parties think the approach is wrongheaded.

Dr. Henning Hoff
Berlin Cable

The Case for an EU-US Economic Security Alliance

Despite much goodwill on both sides, trade and economic relations between the United States and Europe have remained strained. Working together to collectively improve transatlantic geoeconomic security would offer a way forward.

Dr. Markus Jaeger



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