Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Week Sixteen

The Military Situation, Economic Consequences, and the Challenge of Post-war Reconstruction
09 Juni 2022
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DGAP Morning Briefing No 16 Visual
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The battle for control over the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine continues. In recent days, its focal point has been the fierce fight for control of Sievierodonesk. One hundred days into Russia’s war of aggression, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy took stock, saying that 20 percent of Ukrainian territory was currently in Russian hands and tens of thousands of Ukrainians had lost their lives. According to some estimates, Ukrainian GDP will be cut in half this year, and the destruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure alone will require investments of at least €100 billion.

This week, in addition to discussing the military situation on the ground, we will focus on the effects the war has had on Ukraine’s economy and what is required to facilitate a reconstruction of the war-torn country.


Shahin Vallée, Head of the Geo-Economics Program, DGAP

Veronika Movchan, Academic Director, Head of the Center for Economic Studies, The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting (IER)

Dr. András Rácz, Associate Fellow in the Security and Defense Program, DGAP

Moderator: Dr. Henning Hoff, Executive Editor of Internationale Politik Quarterly

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