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BerlinsideOut, the podcast that takes an expert look at international politics from Berlin. Hosted by Dr. Benjamin Tallis, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Action Group Zeitenwende at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), and Aaron Gasch Burnett, a journalist specialising in German politics, we look at how Germany sees the world and the world sees Germany.

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Understanding Germany,
Understanding International Politics

Our inaugural season shows why its important to understand Germany and, especially, why now.

Exploring the supposedly "epochal shift" or "Zeitenwende" we zoom in on key issues such as Ukraine’s fight for freedom and climate change, and key policy areas such as defence, economics and trade as well as foreign and security policy more widely to see if Germany’s change is going far enough – and fast enough.

We look at Germany’s key relations with partners and allies in order to understand how the country’s hesitant transition is seen abroad, how this is impacting the Western alliance and what that all says about our geostrategic choices, the future of the free world and global ordering.

Join Benjamin Tallis and Aaron Gasch Burnett as they explore the intricacies of Ukraine’s victory, Germany's reservations, their implications for the global order.




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