#MakeRussiaPay – The Strategic Necessity of Seizing Russian Assets for Ukraine’s Victory

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In part two of BerlinsideOut’s ‘Pillars of Victory’ special – Ben and Aaron go from the front lines to the back rooms – to discuss the necessity of confiscating $300 billion in frozen Russian state assets to help fund both Ukraine’s victory and to hold Russia accountable for Ukraine’s reconstruction. They hear from an international panel of guests on why seizing Russia’s assets is legal and economically feasible – and discuss how doing so would demonstrate strategic resolve. Yet, despite the clear case for making Russia pay for its crimes through the seizure of state assets – Germany remains reluctant to do so. Ben and Aaron also discuss the strategic pitfalls such a failure would bring – and the need for politicians to stand up and make sure that doesn’t happen.


  • Robin Wagener, MdB and Chair of the German-Ukrainian Parliamentary Friendship Group (@robinwagener)
  • Halyna Yanchenko, Member of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine (@HalynaYanchenko)
  • Senator Ratna Omidvar, Independent Canadian Senator for Ontario (@ratnaomi)
  • Yuliya Ziskina, Senior Legal Fellow at Razom for Ukraine (@jziskina)




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