Areas of Expertise

  • European (in)security politics
  • European integration and EU foreign, security, and neighborhood policies
  • Neo-Idealism
  • EU-Ukraine relations
  • European geopolitics, global ordering, and geostrategy
  • Borders, mobility, and migration
  • International politics of identity, culture, and the future
  • Germany (including the Zeitenwende), the UK, and Central and Eastern Europe

Short Bio

Dr. Benjamin Tallis joined DGAP in September 2022. He is a senior research fellow at the Alfred von Oppenheim Center for the Future of Europe and runs the project  “Action Group Zeitenwende“, where he hosts the podcast "BerlinSide Out". 

He previously worked for the EU on security missions in Ukraine and the Balkans and was policy officer at the European Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management in Berlin.

Tallis spent five years at the Institute of International Relations Prague where he headed the Centre for European Security, advised numerous European governments, edited the journal New Perspectives, and created the 2017 Prague Insecurity Conference. He worked at the Hertie School in Berlin and the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH). At the latter, he advised the German government on the future of European security and curated the 2019 Hamburg Insecurity Sessions. He contributed to the drafting of the 2016 EU Global Strategy and advised on visa liberalization for Ukraine in 2017.

Tallis holds a doctorate from the University of Manchester, regularly appears in the media, and has been published in Foreign PolicyPoliticoThe Independent, and in leading academic journals including International Studies QuarterlySecurity Dialogue, and Cooperation and Conflict. He is the author of the books To Ukraine with Love: Essays on Russia’s War and Europe’s Future (2022) and Identities, Borderscapes, Orders: (In)Security, (Im)Mobility, and Crisis in the EU and Ukraine (2023)


English, German, Czech


[Last updated: September 2023]

Dr. Benjamin Tallis



In the media


Security Guarantees for Ukraine

Until NATO Membership, Extending the Joint Expeditionary Force Is the Best Option
Dr. Benjamin Tallis
Policy Brief

Who’s Afraid of (Ukraine’s) Victory?

For Germany’s chancellor, victory seems to be the hardest word. This reluctance appears driven by fears of geopolitical change, which he seems hesitant to shape, let alone master, and by drawing the wrong lessons from German history.

Dr. Benjamin Tallis
Julian Stöckle
Creation date

The Zeitenwende Is Here, It’s Just Unevenly Distributed

At first it meant a “historical shift” that happened to Germany, now the term "Zeitenwende" is widely used to describe the country’s much-needed foreign and security policy rethink. Much has changed already, but important questions remain open.

Dr. Benjamin Tallis
Creation date