Turning Point – from Germany’s Reactive Zeitenwende to Proactive Strategic Change in Europe?

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In this final regular episode of season 2 – partly recorded on the margins of the Lennart Meri Conference in Tallinn – Ben and Aaron first chat with a pan-European panel on how to implement the strategic change Europe needs – and back it up with appropriate mindsets, threat perceptions, resources and ‘Teampower’. Then, BerlinsideOut hears remarks from Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas – who spoke with international media during a briefing on the sidelines of the Lennart Meri Conference.


  • Kaja Kallas, Prime Minister of Estonia – remarks given at a briefing for international media held on 17 May, 2024 at Stenbock House, Tallinn (@kajakallas)
  • Benjamin Haddad, Member of French Assembly (@benjaminhaddad)
  • Jonatan Vseviov, Secretary-General, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (@vseviov)
  • Sabine Fischer, Senior Fellow, Eastern Europe and Eurasia Programme, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) (@sabfis3)


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