We Win, They Lose – TallinnsideOut – Talk of the Town from the Lennart Meri Conference

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BerlinsideOut, the podcast that takes an expert look at international politics from Berlin – goes to Tallinn! From the International ‘Lennart Meri Conference’ Dr. Benjamin Tallis, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Action Group Zeitenwende at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), and Aaron Gasch Burnett, a security analyst and journalist specialising in German politics, host a series of special editions of the podcast - TallinnsideOut!

Ben talks to leading think tankers and experts Matthew Kroenig, Yevgeniya Gaber and Michał Baranowski about their key themes and takeaways from the conference so far. They discuss the strategic urgency of the war in Ukraine and Europe stepping up to do more for Ukraine and, relatedly, for its own security – and how greater American leadership could help this happen. The guests talk about the need for strategic clarity and boldness in addressing the threats the free world faces.


  • Michal Baranowski, Managing Director of the German Marshall Fund (GMF) East, Warsaw (@M_baranowski)
  • Dr. Yevgeniya Gaber, Professor of National Security Studies, George C. Marshall European Centre for Secuirity Studies, Garmisch Patenkirchen (@gaberyevgeniya)
  • Dr. Matthew Kroenig, Vice President and Senior Director Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, The Atlantic Council, Washington DC (@matthewkroenig)

Follow the Lennart Meri Conference, organised by ICDS Tallinn (@ICDS_Tallinn) here and on X/Twitter using the hashtag #LennartMeriConference.



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