Migration Program

The Migration Program conducts research and develops actionable policy recommendations on migration, asylum, and refugee issues. It analyzes migration policies in Germany, Europe, and other relevant countries of origin, transit, and destination, and aims to promote balanced migration debates that are less toxic and more constructive.

Key topics:

  • Migration management
  • Returns and deportations
  • Reintegration 
  • Cooperation with countries of origin and transit
  • Border controls
  • EU migration policies
  • Migration dialogue between Europe and Africa

For more information on current projects and research questions, please see the project pages below.

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Migration Policy in South Africa

Lessons from Africa’s Migration Magnet for European Policymakers
Ottilia Anna Maunganidze
Alia Fakhry
Victoria Rietig

Migrationspolitik nach Merkel

Drei Themen könnten bei den Koalitionsverhandlungen strittig werden: die Aufnahme von Flüchtlingen, der Umgang mit Ausreisepflichtigen und die EU-Agentur Frontex.

Victoria Rietig
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