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Technological innovation, diffusion, and impact are always influenced by the social, economic, and (security) policy contexts in which they occur. Indeed, technologies can change the areas of influence, options for action, and goals of international actors. Beyond the role that technology continues to play in determining foreign and security policy in the classical sense, almost all policies in which technology plays a role now also have an international dimension.

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Picture: Germany 5G Decision
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Berlin’s Preliminary 5G Decision

Limiting Damage and Learning Lessons

Despite the security concerns of the US, EU, and Australia, Germany plans not to exclude any telecom equipment vendors, including Chinese companies such as Huawei, from its 5G network. This stance reflects a narrow view of the issue that prioritizes short-term economic interests and fails to uphold national security and democratic values. Widespread criticism, including from within the government, shows that political decision-makers in Germany need a more sophisticated, forward-looking approach to 5G. 


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