DGAP’s Tech Talk: Inside Troll Farms

15 March 2024
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Visual DGAP Tech Talk Troll Farms 15.03.2024

Please join us for a deep dive into the shadowy world of troll farms. In this discussion, we will dissect the intricate workings and motivations of these hubs of online manipulation. We will not only show how troll farms craft and control narratives, disseminate disinformation, and wield influence in the digital arena but also how they make a real impact in the physical world. This session – designed for everyone curious about the unseen forces shaping our digital reality – will provide a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon and its implications to promote a more discerning and informed online community.

Opening Impulse: 
Katja Muñoz, Research Fellow, Center for Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, and Technology, DGAP

Serge Poliakoff, Research Associate, ERC Consolidator Project on “The Consequences of the Internet for Russia’s Informational Influence Abroad” (RUSINFORM), University of Passau

Ambassador Rainer Rudolph, Vice-Chairman, Munich Security Conference (MSC); Senior Fellow, DGAP 

Please register here: events@dgap.org. You will find information related to data processing at https://dgap.org/en/zoom

For any questions, please contact Yulia Loeva (events@dgap.org). 

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