Areas of Expertise

  • Technology and geopolitics 
  • Digital policy and platform regulation
  • Early warning systems and predictive intelligence 

Short Bio

Dr. Katja Muñoz, a research fellow at the DGAP Center for Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, and Technology, delves into the intricate interplay between social media and politics. Her expertise lies in understanding the mobilization potential of social media influencers, the dynamics of disinformation, and platform regulation. Her research also encompasses the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and democracy, with a particular focus on emerging AI trends that reshape online information integrity. She holds a special interest in mapping and monitoring AI’s impact on the electoral process, including campaigning, voter sentiment analysis, and governance systems.

Prior to her current role, Muñoz served as a scientific consultant at the nexus of technology and politics, providing insights into contemporary events and contextualizing them to enhance the accessibility of digital policy. Her work focused on the risks and potential of emerging technologies, early warning systems and predictive intelligence, and the interplay between democracy and digital politics.

Earning her bachelor’s degree in international relations from the American University of Rome, Muñoz pursued a master’s degree in peace and security studies at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy in Hamburg. She subsequently completed her doctorate in political science at the University of Hamburg.



German, Spanish, English


[Last updated: November 2023]

Dr. Katja Muñoz




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