Areas of Expertise

  • Technology and geopolitics 
  • Digital policy and platform regulation
  • Early warning systems and predictive intelligence 


German, Spanish, English

Dr. Katja Muñoz has been a research fellow in DGAP’s Technology and Global Affairs program since June 2022 and conducts research on the interaction between social media and politics. Her emphasis is on social media influencers and their mobilization potential, disinformation, and platform regulation.

Previously, Muñoz worked as a scientific consultant at the interface between tech and politics, sharing insights into current events and contextualizing them to make digital policy more accessible. In that work, she focused on the risks and potential of new technologies, early warning systems and predictive intelligence, and democracy and digital politics.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in international relations at the American University of Rome, Muñoz earned her master’s in peace and security studies at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy. She completed her doctorate at the University of Hamburg.

Dr. Katja Muñoz


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