This program focuses on how Germany and the European Union can shape digital developments and their massive impact on prosperity, international security, democracy, and the world order. It aims to help drive the EU’s policy efforts to make Europe fit for leadership in general purpose technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the industrial internet, robotics, quantum computing, and virtual reality. It simultaneously supports policymakers, as well as stakeholders from the private sector and civil society, in shaping global tech rules based on European values – even as Europe is squeezed by the competing ideologies of surveillance capitalism and techno-authoritarianism.

DGAP’s Technology and Global Affairs Program tackles four broad questions:

  • How can Europe succeed in its quest for digital sovereignty?
  • How is the fusion of civilian and military technologies transforming the nature of conflict?
  • How can Germany and Europe lead the way in shaping effective, relevant cyber norms and internet governance?
  • How can Germany better address the evolving landscape of digital democracy and disinformation, including the integrity of election systems?


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Ein Quantum Risiko

Schneller, effizienter, vernetzter, disruptiver: Wie Quantentechnologien sich auf die globale Sicherheit auswirken werden – und was das für Deutschland und Europa bedeutet. 

Dr. Valentin Weber
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