Migration is the core theme at DGAP that explores migration flows, policies, and debates in Germany, Europe, and beyond. Through the umbrella of the migration theme, DGAP aims to connect the work of its Migration Program with the geographic and thematic expertise provided by all of its other research programs. This approach allows DGAP to create in-house synergies among its experts, and to offer interdisciplinary and regional expertise on migration, asylum, and refugee issues.


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Climate Migration Governance in the MENA Region: Urgent Action Needed

Climate change impacts are increasingly affecting drivers of migration, requiring action from nation states and in particular regional organizations like the OSCE. The MENA region, including the six partner countries of the OSCE, is highly vulnerable to further warming effects. Proactive approaches on mitigation, adaptation and migration governance are needed.

Dr. Kira Vinke
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Hitze, Dürre, Krieg

Klimawandel als Sicherheitsrisiko
Dr. Kira Vinke
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