Geo-economics – one of DGAP’s core themes – explores how the politics of trade, technology, finance, and/or energy can be employed to achieve strategic goals. For Europe to remain a key player internationally, the continent must help define the rules of a new geo-economic world order. DGAP looks at how Germany can contribute to better positioning Europe in this increasingly competitive landscape.


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Gas and Energy Security in Germany and Central and Eastern Europe

Russia’s weaponization of gas supplies caused a shock to the energy security of Central and Eastern Europe. Countries responded by increasing alternative gas supplies and LNG import capacity. Gas flows shifted from the east-west axis to west-east and north-south axes. In the short term, the usage of coal is rising; in the longer term, renewable and nuclear energy. Mitigating the effects of this shock requires the EU to prioritize policies that foster the integrity and security of its energy market.

Dr. Guntram Wolff
Alexandra Gritz
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