Geo-economics – one of DGAP’s core themes – explores how the politics of trade, technology, finance, and/or energy can be employed to achieve strategic goals. For Europe to remain a key player internationally, the continent must help define the rules of a new geo-economic world order. DGAP looks at how Germany can contribute to better positioning Europe in this increasingly competitive landscape.


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Scorching summers are becoming the new normal.

Can Europe prepare itself?

As global average temperatures continue to rise beyond the current 1.2°C above pre-industrial averages, Europe is likely to warm even faster.

Dr. Guntram Wolff
Klaas Lenaerts
Simone Tagliapietra
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Die WTO ist tot – lang lebe die WTO

Das „Genfer Paket“ ist ein erster Erfolg, an den jetzt angeknüpft werden muss
Dr. Claudia Schmucker
Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner
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