Who says the German Council on Foreign Relations is just for elder statesmen? As the platform for all DGAP members under 35, the Young DGAP, works actively to help up-and-coming policy professionals and students make the most of the DGAP’s network. Founded in 2008, it is geared toward all younger members who want not only to deepen their knowledge of international policy by participating in a range of theme-oriented events but also to take an active role in shaping intergenerational dialogue.

Members of Young DGAP enjoy all the benefits of regular DGAP membership along with the chance to participate in many additional activities. These include opportunities to attend special-format events, to take part in the DGAP’s mentoring program, and to contribute to the network’s conceptual development. Young DGAP members may serve on panels, for example, or moderate events. Those based outside Berlin are encouraged to become active in one of our five regional groups, which develop various programs in their own locations – from exclusive seminars to regular “Stammtisch” gatherings.

Since the Young DGAP network was launched in 2008, the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) has seen strong membership growth among policy experts under the age of 35. There are currently over seven hundred Young DGAP members. Newcomers to the Young DGAP benefit from reduced DGAP membership fees in their first two years.