The Young Network of the German Council on Foreign Policy

The Young DGAP is the association for DGAP members aged 35 and under. It provides its members entry into the prestigious network of the German Council on Foreign Relations. Young DGAP members enjoy full access to the DGAP’s program offerings as well as reduced membership fees. In addition, several exclusive programs are geared specifically toward the Young DGAP, including special event formats and a mentoring program.

Are international relations and complex foreign policy issues only for elder statesmen? Definitely not. The Young DGAP serves as a forum for students and young professionals to look closely at foreign policy issues and to debate the latest developments.

The Young DGAP aims to attract all those interested in international relations who want to deepen their knowledge, expand and networks, and actively participate in intergenerational dialogue. Around 75 regular events per year provide ample opportunity for Young DGAP members to network and engage in exchange with experienced foreign policy practitioners.

Founded in 2008 in Berlin and firmly anchored in the capital’s foreign policy community, the Young DGAP also has a number or regional branches active across Germany, including Baden-Württemberg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Saxony.