DGAP’s Morning Briefing on Geopolitical Challenges

Unpacking Germany’s First National Security Strategy
15 Juni 2023
Ort der Veranstaltung


Visual: Morning Briefing 15.6.23 National Security Strategy

The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) cordially invites you to a special edition of DGAP’s Morning Briefing on Geopolitical Challenges



Karl-Heinz Kamp, Former Special Envoy of the Political Director, Federal Ministry of Defence; Former President, Federal Academy for Security Policy (BAKS)

Aylin Matlé, Research Fellow, Center for Security and Defense, DGAP

Guntram Wolff, Director, DGAP  

Chair: Henning Hoff, Executive Editor, Internationale Politik Quarterly, DGAP

This week, DGAP will focus on Germany’s first ever national security strategy. Slated for public unveiling on June 14, this long-awaited strategy has attracted significant scrutiny from political analysts and the media both at home and abroad. This Thursday’s Morning Briefing will build upon an event held on Wednesday evening in which we will embark on a preliminary analysis of the implications of this landmark plan. In this subsequent discussion, we will dive even deeper, exploring how the national security strategy can decisively shape Germany’s future.

Please register here: events@dgap.org. You will find information related to data processing at https://dgap.org/en/zoom. Please note that this event will be recorded.

For any questions, please contact Yulia Loeva (events@dgap.org).