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What We Need is a European Armament Commissioner

The current procurement model isn’t only expensive, fragmented and bureaucratic but, above all, it won’t be enough to counter the real threat posed by Putin.

Prof. Dr. Guntram Wolff
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Preparing for a Longer War

Is a Ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia possible by 2024?
Dr. Stefan Meister
Dr. András Rácz
Judith Heckenthaler

Will Deadlock over Ukraine Kill the EU Enlargement Momentum?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wants to postpone Ukraine’s accession talks and accelerate those of the Balkan candidates. In fact, he might slow down EU enlargement in general, which was only recently revived and which Hungary strongly supports.

Milan Nič
Frauke Seebass
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Time to Deliver

What the Loss and Damage Fund Needs to Bring to the Most Vulnerable
Mechthild Becker
Dr. Kira Vinke


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