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The podcast that takes an expert look at international politics from Berlin. Hosted by Dr. Benjamin Tallis, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Action Group Zeitenwende at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), and Aaron Gasch Burnett, a journalist specialising in German politics, we look at how Germany sees the world and the world sees Germany. Join us every Tuesday on all major platforms — Spotify, Apple Podcast, Podigee

Germany’s Economic Myths Debunked

Rethinking State-Business Ties for Economic Security

German economic policy has been in flux since the supply chain shocks of the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Partners in Europe are keen for reassurance that they can rely on Germany in a geopolitical crisis, even when its commercial interests are at stake. Germany is aware of this but has been guarded about its intentions and has merely signalled what it thinks partners want to hear. This runs counter to Germany’s reputation as a supporter of constructive business ties, an open and secure EU, global multilateral bodies, and its steadiness and reliability as a partner.

Dr. Roderick Parkes
Dr. Kim B. Olsen
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Explained: The Consequences of the New Escalation in Karabakh

On September 19 the Azerbaijani army launched a new, large-scale attack against the Nagorno-Karabakh region. According to official Azerbaijani communication, this is an anti-terror operation. After Karabakh's surrender on September 20, our expert Dr. András Rácz explains the consequences for the region and its civilian population.

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