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The podcast that takes an expert look at international politics from Berlin. Hosted by Dr. Benjamin Tallis, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Action Group Zeitenwende at the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), and Aaron Gasch Burnett, a journalist specialising in German politics, we look at how Germany sees the world and the world sees Germany. Join us every Tuesday on all major platforms — Spotify, Apple Podcast, Podigee

The Key Player in Russia’s Cybersphere

What the West Needs to Know about VK Company

This paper analyzes the rise of VK Company and the creation of its super app to increase state surveillance and the dissemination of propaganda in Russia. The app is on its way to combining social networking and services related to healthcare, education, and e-government under one roof. Western policymakers need to be aware of why and how the Russian state is pushing its citizens to use such domestic services. Only then can they counter the use of data generated by such services in facilitating the state supervision and control of society.

Philipp Dietrich

A False Restart

Before the summer break, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’ coalition had pledged to stop squabbling and do a better job at governing. But old habits die hard.

Dr. Henning Hoff
Berlin Cable
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Explained: The Consequences of the New Escalation in Karabakh

On September 19 the Azerbaijani army launched a new, large-scale attack against the Nagorno-Karabakh region. According to official Azerbaijani communication, this is an anti-terror operation. After Karabakh's surrender on September 20, our expert Dr. András Rácz explains the consequences for the region and its civilian population.

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