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The G7’s Geoeconomic Future

Insights from Conflicts with Russia, China, and Iran

In an increasingly conflictual global environment, the G7 has become a more and more important geoeconomic actor. Yet looking at the case studies of Russia, Iran, and China reveals that the geoeconomic role the G7 plays has been mixed. For the G7 countries to improve their geoeconomic impact, they need to align their interests and risk perceptions, as well as improve their ability to propose and enact geoeconomic measures. In addition, the G7 should bolster its partnerships with other democracies and like-minded countries. 

Dr. Claudia Schmucker
Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner
Avi Shapiro

Preparing for a Longer War

Is a Ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia possible by 2024?
Dr. Stefan Meister
Dr. András Rácz
Judith Heckenthaler

The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

What Role Now for the EU in the South Caucasus after Nagorno-Karabakh?
Dr. Stefan Meister
Laure Delcour
Policy Brief

Fragile Sicherheit

Das Ende des Friedens und die neue Konfliktordnung
Dr. Christian Mölling
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