Russia and the European Security Order

Current Escalation and Western Response
15 February 2022
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Russia and the European Security Order Visual
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This public discussion concludes a series on how Russia is handling unresolved conflicts on Europe’s edges – in post-Soviet countries, the Western Balkans, and Northern Africa.

Sharing our lessons from last year’s Strategy Group discussions, this event will focus on the current crisis of Moscow’s escalation of tensions around Ukraine and threat of military intervention. Russia is not only challenging the sovereignty of its neighbor but also the entire European security order. It aims to weaken the role of the United States in Europe and increase its say over future security decisions in Eastern Europe.

We will discuss why Moscow has chosen this course, what it is trying to achieve, and the role of the Donbass conflict in Russia’s strategic debate on Ukraine. We will also address the likely impact of this current crisis – on other post-Soviet countries with territorial conflicts such as Georgia and Moldova, and on Russia’s relations with non-Western powers such as China and Turkey. What can we expect from Russia with regard to unresolved conflicts in the Western Balkans and North Africa, and what could this mean for Germany and the EU? And finally, which policy response from Germany and other EU partners is needed to increase their own role in European security, as well as their prospects for resolving protracted conflicts in their neighborhood?

Opening and concluding remarks:

Nils Schmid, MP,

SPD Parliamentary Group Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs in the German Bundestag


Dr. Dmitry Suslov,

Deputy Director of the Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies at HSE University in Moscow

Prof. Angela Stent,

Senior Advisor at the Center for Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, DC

Dr. Stefan Meister,

Head of the Program on International Order and Democracy at DGAP


Milan Nič,

Senior Fellow at DGAP

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