From Gray Zone to Red Zone

Cyber and Technological Dimensions of Russia’s Aggression
25 Mai 2022
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From Grey Zone to Red Zone Visual
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In recent months and years, Ukraine has been the target of repeated and disruptive cyberattacks. Its energy, banking sector, and ministries were all subject to malicious operations. How well prepared is Ukraine to face such hostile overtures in the future? How should the international community respond, and what assistance can it provide?

At the same time, Russia remains highly vulnerable in its technology sector. How strongly will Western sanctions impact Moscow’s technological landscape? And how likely is Russia to overcome the huge challenge of providing alternative solutions to Western technologies in such key hard- and software sectors as microchip production, 5G solutions, operating systems, and cloud computing?

Opening remarks: 

Victor Zhora, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine


Alena Epifanova, Research Fellow, International Order and Democracy Program, DGAP

Andrei Soldatov, Senior Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis

Wiktor Staniecki, Deputy Head of Division, Security and Defense Policy Division, EEAS

Valentin Weber, Research Fellow, Technology and Global Affairs Program, DGAP


Tyson Barker, Head, Technology and Global Affairs Program, DGAP

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