Migration is the core theme at DGAP that explores migration flows, policies, and debates in Germany, Europe, and beyond. Through the umbrella of the migration theme, DGAP aims to connect the work of its Migration Program with the geographic and thematic expertise provided by all of its other research programs. This approach allows DGAP to create in-house synergies among its experts, and to offer interdisciplinary and regional expertise on migration, asylum, and refugee issues.


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The Political Economy of Migration Policies in Germany

Clear Goals, Stony Path, Uncomfortable Realities

Germany’s migration policies are an outlier in Europe. In contrast to many of its neighbours, the country has been trying to open itself up for more migration in recent years, especially to labour migrants to help fuel the country’s economy.

Victoria Rietig
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Double-Edged Sword

How to Engage Returnee Networks in Migrant Reintegration
Victoria Rietig
Sophie Meiners


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