Russia’s War in Ukraine: Week Two

DGAP Morning Briefing
03 März 2022
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Russia’s War in Ukraine: Week Two
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As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine enters its second week, it will likely become even more bloody. Fierce Ukrainian resistance has slowed the Russian advance on key cities in Eastern Ukraine and the capital, Kyiv. However, the highly unequal distribution of military power between Russia and Ukraine and the former’s attacks on civilians gives it the advantage. While a first round of “peace talks” on March 1 brought no results, international pressure on Moscow is mounting. Unprecedented sanctions against Putin’s Russia coordinated among the European Union, the United States, and others have started to hit Russia’s financial system and wider economy. Meanwhile, Putin’s threat with nuclear weapons constitutes a clear and present danger for his country’s relations with NATO.

At this online briefing, we will assess the military situation on the ground and the initial impact of sanctions on Russia. We will also discuss the global reactions to Putin’s war against Ukraine – not least the German government’s announcement of an unprecedented increase in defense spending – which suggest that this war is a watershed event with profound consequences for the international order.

DGAP’s Morning Briefing on Russia’s War in Ukraine is a new regular format through which we will hold events every Thursday in this time slot.


Dr. András Rácz, Senior Fellow in the Security and Defense Program, DGAP

Dr. Christian Mölling, Research Director and Head of the Security and Defense Program, DGAP

Alena Epifanova, Research Fellow in the International Order and Democracy Program, DGAP

Moderator: Dr. Henning Hoff, Executive Editor, Internationale Politik Quarterly

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