(Re-)Thinking Stability Dialogue

Improving Stabilisation Operations: Putting Lessons into Practice
04 April 2022
Nur für geladene Gäste


The repercussions of the international exit from Kabul raised important questions about the quality and effectiveness of current stabilization approaches. Similarly, in the Sahel, political volatility and insecurity continue unabated after nearly ten years of stabilization efforts. Therefore, critical introspection is needed. In response, Interpeace and the Atlantic Council, in partnership with Germany’s Federal Foreign Office and the Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik (BAKS), are leading a two-year initiative called Rethinking Stability. Accompanying their work is a series of dialogues, the fourth of which was hosted by DGAP at their office in Berlin.

DGAP was thrilled to have hosted this dialogue and engage with leaders and actors in the field of stabilization, adding forward momentum to this key issue. Minister of State Tobias Lindner, Interpeace President Scott Weber, and many others took part. Hosting and participating in this dialogue served as a gateway for interacting in the field and establishing a framework of communication that will guide our own efforts and project on civilian stabilization.