28. November 2014

Report on the 17th New Faces Conference, Cairo, 2012

Pluralism in Egypt and Tunisia: How the Political Opening is Changing Islamist Groups

Following the uprisings of 2010–2011, Islamist movements seemed to be the winners of the transformation processes in the MENA region, managing to translate their popular standing into sweeping electoral successes. With the demise of the authoritarian rulers in Egypt and Tunisia, it seemed that, in the short and long-term, Islamists would be forces to be reckoned with – this reality was the motivation to use the conference to scrutinize and understand Islamist goals, agendas, and actions.


EUMEF's 17th New Faces Conference was held October 4-7, 2012 in Cairo. This report summarizes a considerable portion of participants’ contributions as well as discussions during the plenary sessions and working groups. The main points raised are clustered around the three thematic blocs of the conference: ideology, state-building and domestic policy, and the international context.

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DGAPreport 25, November 2014, 13 pp.