EU-Middle East Forum

The EU-Middle East Forum (EUMEF) has been serving as a platform for professional exchange, capacity building, cooperation, networking, and intercultural dialogue for young and mid-level experts from North Africa, Turkey, and Europe since 2011.

The program has focused on the transformation processes and developments in North Africa as well as German and European policies connected to these by discussing socio-economic and socio-political issues in addition to security-related questions. The program is targeted at young and mid-level experts from civil society, academia, the economic and political domains, and the media. Participants are predominantly from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Germany, and other European countries.

Since 2015, the program offers policy and capacity building workshops as well as an annual study tour. Up until 2015, EUMEF organized one International Summer School and two New Faces Conferences (NFCs) on an annual basis. In addition, the program hosted biennial alumni conferences in Berlin for former participants of the Summer Schools and NFCs.

The program’s 3-4 day-long policy workshops consist of presentations by participants and invited experts, who discuss and analyze an economic, political, social, or security-related issue.

Its capacity building workshops are either organized in cooperation with partner organizations in the MENA region or are hosted in Germany. The aim is to equip employees of think tanks or similar academic institutions with the necessary tools and qualifications to further improve the quality of their work. For this purpose, the forum offers a range of modules, including scenario workshops.

At the end of both workshop formats, policy briefs are produced to share the content-related outcomes with the wider public and to allow participants to practice their writing and publishing skills.

In addition, EUMEF organizes an annual study tour in Germany for 20 alumni of the forum. The study tour offers participants the opportunity to get an insight into German think tanks and their work, with the aim of giving them new impulses for their own works and projects.

This three-level approach allows for the bringing together of future leaders at different stages of their carriers, ensuring a professional exchange of participants over a longer period of time and their long-term integration in the network. Alumni are actively included in the organization of EUMEF events, may it be as speakers, discussants, or partners. A quarterly alumni newsletter gives all former participants the opportunity to share professional information and cooperation requests with the network.

EUMEF's Recent Activities:

Responsible Persons

  • Sarah Hartmann

    Sarah Hartmann

    Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Program

  • Laura Lale Kabis-Kechrid

    Laura Lale Kabis-Kechrid

    Program Officer, Middle East and North Africa Program

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