The focus of DGAP’s research and consulting on this core theme is the interdependency of technology and foreign policy. Technological innovation — as well as the diffusion and impact of emerging technologies — is always influenced by the social, economic, and (security) policy contexts in which it occurs. At the same time, technologies affect international actors by changing their areas of influence, options for action, and goals. Today, technology not only continues to play a role in determining foreign and security policy in the classical sense, but it also almost always includes an international dimension, for example in its consequences for regulation or global chains of supply and production.


Recent publications

Banning YouTube in Russia: Just a Matter of Time

Why the Last Free Social Media Platform in Russia Is Crucial for Informing Society

YouTube is the last bastion of free expression and information in Russia, with over 93 million users. A ban on the platform would hurt democratic principles and freedom of speech in the country – and it is not a question of if but when. To prevent the further isolation of Russian society, democratic policymakers must act swiftly by urging Google to cooperate and to bolster YouTube’s infrastructure, as well as by reviewing sanctions. 

Philipp Dietrich

Europe’s Multiple Futures

Four Futurescapes for Europe’s Geopolitical Positioning in 2030
Tim Bosch
Dr. Katja Muñoz
Jacob Ross
et al.



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