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Zukunftsinvestitionen trotz Schuldenbremse

Wie Deutschland mehr Geld für Klima und Verteidigung generieren kann

Neben der aktuell diskutierten Kompromissformel könnte die Ampel die Abschaffung von Feiertagen in den Blick nehmen, um die Ausgaben für Klima und Verteidigung zu finanzieren. Aber auch die Rolle der gesamten EU sollte in puncto Zukunftsinvestitionen mitgedacht werden. 

Prof. Dr. Guntram Wolff
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Hitze, Dürre, Krieg

Klimawandel als Sicherheitsrisiko
Dr. Kira Vinke
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Phase Down and Phase Out of Fossil Fuels
The term “Phase Down” refers to structured reduction in the use of fossil fuels, while “Phase Out” refers to its complete cessation. Fossil energy is produced by burning fossil fuels – primarily coal, oil, and natural gas – which releases greenhouse gases such as CO2.
Planetary Boundaries
The concept of planetary boundaries was first introduced in 2009. It describes the resilience of our planet and analyzes human influence on various parts of the Earth system.
Santiago Network
The Santiago Network for Loss and Damage is an association of various international organizations, networks, initiatives, and institutions aiming to address and combat losses and damages caused by climate change.
Subsidy Reduction
Here, the term “subsidy” refers to financial contributions or support provided to produce, process, sell, or consume fossil fuels.
Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage (WIM)
For years, small island states in the Pacific and other nations particularly affected by climate change had demanded support for addressing climate-related damages and losses. As a result, the “Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage associated with the impacts of climate change” (WIM) was established as an institution under the UNFCCC in November 2013.

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