Gender and Exit Work from Islamist Extremism

Perspectives from Civil Society, Law Enforcement, and International Research
17 June 2021
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Gender & Exit Work

The role of gender in preventing and countering Islamist extremism is becoming increasingly important. In particular, the realization that more than 20 percent of German IS affiliates were (young) women has increased the attention paid to the roles of women in extremist structures. In this online event in the context of the International Forum for Expert Exchange on Countering Islamist Extremism (InFoEx), we will analyze the significance of gender in radicalization and disengagement processes, how law enforcement is dealing with male and female extremist offenders, and what these findings mean for exit work. We invite you join our discussion on the opportunities and limitations of gender-sensitive exit work from Islamist extremism with experts from civil society, law enforcement, and research.

Welcome and Introduction:
Sofia Koller
Research Fellow and Project Leader “International Forum for Expert Exchange on Countering Islamist Extremism” (InFoEx), DGAP

Friederike Schnaudt
Counselor, Counseling Network “Grenzgänger”, IFAK, Germany

Dr Gerwin Moldenhauer
Senior Public Prosecutor (“Terrorism” Division), Federal Court of Justice, Germany

Dr Aya Mortag Freund
Special Consultant, Danish Centre for Prevention of Extremism, Ministry for Immigration and Integration, Denmark

Alexander Ritzmann
Associate Fellow, DGAP; Senior Advisor, Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN)

The event will be held in German and English with translation. Please register here for this online discussion in Zoom. If you have any further questions, please reach out to Miriam Heß (