Areas of Expertise

  • Islamist extremism and terrorism
  • Preventing and countering Islamist extremism and terrorism 
  • Islamist radicalization and extremism in Europe’s Chechen diaspora
  • Russia and counter-terrorism

Short Bio

Miriam Katharina Heß has been a research fellow in DGAP’s Center for Security and Defense since January 2022. She works on a project on Islamist radicalization and extremism in Europe’s Chechen diaspora. Previously, Heß worked on the project “Analysis of Trends and Developments in the Tertiary Prevention of Islamist Extremism” and for the Robert Bosch Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia at DGAP.

She studied national and international administration and policy at the University of Potsdam and political science at the University of Hamburg. In her PhD project at the University of Leipzig, she is investigating the security rhetoric of terrorism in Russia and France in the context of securitization theory.


German, English, Russian


[Last updated: January 2023]

Miriam Katharina Heß



In the media


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Miriam Katharina Heß
Dr. Roderick Parkes
Florence Schimmel
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