Energy Security in Europe

The Ukraine Crisis and the Future of EU-Russia Energy Relations

25 February 2015
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DGAP, Berlin, Germany
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Meeting of the Discussion Group Russia/Eastern Partnership

The Ukraine crisis has fundamentally changed energy relations between the EU and Russia. While the energy sector is still a secondary aspect of Western (and Russian) sanctions, economic penalties are having a substantial impact on bilateral energy relations. Despite their direct links to Russian energy companies, many European energy companies have stopped investing in Russia. At the same time, the Russian leadership has decided to drop the South Stream pipeline project, which would have brought gas to the EU, in order to focus instead on energy cooperation with the Asian market. How sweeping are the changes to Russian energy policy? What is the future of the EU’s southern energy corridor with regard to Russia and Azerbaijan? How safe is the security of supply of Russian gas to Europe via Ukraine?


Simon Pirani
Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Study

Mikhail Krykhtin
Expert on the oil industry, gas industry, and energy policy

Emily Olson
Vice President of Communications and External Affairs, Southern Corridor, BP Europa SE

The event will be held in English under the Chatham House Rule. 

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