Areas of Expertise

  • Russian foreign and security policy, EU-Russia relations
  • Russian energy, economic, and education policy
  • Eastern Partnership, especially in the southern Caucasus, Belarus, and Ukraine
  • Russian relations in the post-Soviet space
  • Polish eastern policy regarding Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus


German, Russian, English, Polish



Before becoming an associate fellow, Dr. Stefan Meister was head of the Robert Bosch Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia from January 2017 until March 2019. Previously, he worked as head of DGAP’s program for Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia and as a senior policy fellow in the Wider Europe Team at the European Council on Foreign Relations. Meister has served as an election observer for the OSCE in post-Soviet countries and was responsible for university projects in several Russian regions, particularly Kaliningrad. In the 2015/16 term, he was a visiting fellow at the Transatlantic Academy in Washington, DC, writing on German-Russian relations as well as on Russian disinformation and propaganda.

Meister is co-author of The Eastern Question. Russia, the West, and Europe’s Grey Zone (Brookings, 2016). In 2013, he edited a volume on Russia’s policy toward post-Soviet countries and its implication for EU policy published by Nomos. He also writes extensively on Germany’s Russia policy, the interrelationship between Russian domestic and foreign policy, and on the Eastern Partnership. 


Nicht ganz so eingefroren

Auch rund 30 Jahre nach seinem Beginn bleibt kaum Hoffnung auf eine rasche Lösung des Konflikts um Berg-Karabach, in dem nach wie vor aktiv gekämpft wird.

Putins Vermächtnis


Auch wenn der Präsident über seinen Zenit ist – sein System aus Korruption, informellen Strukturen und Rechtlosigkeit wird bleiben