Germany and the United States in Cyberspace: Commonalities and Differences

20 November 2023
Ort der Veranstaltung


Visual Event German & US Cyberspace

Berlin and Washington face similar challenges in cyberspace, ranging from IP theft from China, a reckless Russia to rampant ransomware attacks. On these issues the US and Germany have increasingly coordinated their actions. Yet, their approaches to tackle cyber threats do diverge.

Germany has been pushing cyber diplomacy heavily at an EU level and championed confidence building measures within the UN. There are also indications of Germany conducting a few cyber operations in conflict regions. The US has been moving the needle when it comes to cyber operations, purportedly interfering with Iranian and North Korean nuclear weapons programs. At the same time, the US adopts a “defending forward” strategy, advocating for constant engagement with its enemies in cyberspace.

We invite you to delve deeper into the nuances and overlaps between the two nations' cyber foreign policies. Join us in-person or virtually for this high-level discussion.

Opening remarks:

Roderick Parkes, Research Director, DGAP


Regine Grienberger, German Cyber Ambassador

Admiral Michael Rogers, Former Director of the NSA


Admiral Michael Rogers, Former Director of the NSA

Regine Grienberger, German Cyber Ambassador

Oberst Michael Fraas, Chief Strategist, Cyber and Information Domain HQ, Bundeswehr

Allison Pytlak, Program Lead, Cyber Program, Stimson Center (online)


Valentin Weber Senior Research Fellow, Center for Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, and Technology, DGAP