Policy project: Outlining a feminist digital policy: How can we make digital policy and tech regulation take societal risks into account and work in the public interest?

When it comes to digitization, policymakers and civil society operate within a narrative framework that is dictated by the big tech companies: Business and innovation. As a result, digital policies are mainly framed as economic policies, whereas societal needs take a back seat. While tech companies are growing and their businesses are flourishing, the negative societal effects of their of their digital products and services are increasingly noticeable.

Elisa Lindinger works at the intersection of technology, the arts and the humanities. She is the Co-Founder of Superrr Lab, a Berlin-based feminist tech think tank dedicated to building diverse and equitable futures in tech and beyond.
Her research  focuses on open digital infrastructure communities, digital civil society, and the social impact of emerging technologies.
As a trained archaeologist, Elisa has worked at the intersection of culture and computer science for more than a decade, both in and outside of academia. She worked with the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany on several Civic Tech projects and acted as the managing director of the Prototype Fund, the first public funding program for freelance software developers in Germany and aims at defining new means to foster technology in the public interest.

(Stand: Juli 2022) 

Elisa Lindinger



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