Policy project: Electricity market design for a net-zero emissions electricity system

With an increasing share of variable generation from renewable energy sources, the electricity system is changing toward more volatile, weather-dependent power generation. Consequently, the electricity market needs to be adjusted so that it rewards investments we need for a climate-neutral power sector: more renewable power generation, a flexible demand side, storage and reserve power as well as reliable infrastructure and sector coupling.

Katharina Hartz studied mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University. She completed the bachelor's degree with an internship at Trianel GmbH in the planning of solar plants. Fascinated by energy technology and concerned about climate change, she continued her studies with a master's degree in energy technology. During the master's, she worked as a research assistant on a method to help municipalities expand their renewable power generation. At the end of her academic education, she wrote her master's thesis in cooperation with Agora Energiewende about the long-term electricity price development in Europe. Now she continues working on a similar topic as a project officer at Agora Energiewende.

(Stand: Juli 2022) 

Katharina Hartz



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