Policy project: EU Migration Policy-making in Crisis Mode: Has the EU Found its Blueprint for the Future?

While the EU has improved its response to migration crises since 2015/16, the more recent displacement crises in Afghanistan, Belarus, and now Ukraine have put its modus operandi to a test. Between applying lessons from the past and adapting its response to each particular crisis, the EU’s response risks being fragmented, unequal, and unsustainable. However, the present is also an opportunity for the EU to establish a workable blueprint for the future. This project will draw on experiences and observations from the past year to identify what is needed to make a "migration crisis blueprint" fit for the future.

Helena Hahn is currently Junior Policy Analyst within the European Diversity and Migration programme at the Brussels-based European Policy Centre (EPC). Her main interests include border management, EU migration cooperation with third countries, EU funding, climate-induced displacement as well as refugee integration policies.
She got her first insights into the think tank world at the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) in Washington, DC. She gained additional experience at the Brussels Mission of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Vienna, Austria.
Helena holds a Master in International Affairs (MIA) from the Graduate Institute in Geneva (2019), where she focused on security studies, migration, and urban policy. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in World Politics from Leiden University College The Hague (2016).

(Stand: Juli 2022) 

Helena Hahn



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