Policy project: Integrated and universal social protection programmes to balance the impacts of the transition towards carbon neutral economies. 

The transition towards carbon neutral economies will disproportionally affect poor and vulnerable households, as rising food and energy prices and changing economic conditions. Social protection has demonstrated its power to protect people from impoverishment, promote their agency and support societies during crises. To create integrated and universal social protection systems, countries will need to find innovative financing options, for instance, using revenues from carbon taxation. In this project, Mauricio seeks to answer the following question: How might we use the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic to establish and improve integrated social protection programmes that will support a socially just transition amidst new compounding crises?

Mauricio Böhl Gutierrez is a Political Scientist and Researcher in the Research Programme “Transformation of Economic and Social Systems” at the German Development Institute (DIE). Currently, he works on the G7 Comprehensive Accountability Report that assesses the achievement of G7 development and development-related commitments.
He worked at the Economic Policy Research Institute as the Global Coordinator for the International Training Programme on Social Protection for Sustainable Development. Furthermore, he co-led a global study on the long-term socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 on households, emphasising national social protection responses as well as effects on women and children. He graduated Cum Laude from the MSc Programme “Public Policy and Human Development” at Maastricht University.

(Stand Juli 2022) 

Mauricio Böhl



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