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06. Dez. 2018

Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans

Options for the Interplay of Neighborly Relations and EU Accession up to 2025

Under the European Commission’s 2018 Western Balkan strategy, candidate countries from the region must resolve bilateral disputes before joining the EU. As it wants to avoid importing conflicts, the EU puts the onus to ensure good neighborly relations onto the region itself. International researchers from this year’s TRAIN program developed scenarios for the region. They range from increasing regional cooperation to the possible fallout from failed conflict resolution or an EU fatigue toward the region.



Bibliografische Angaben

Adebahr, Cornelius, Theresia Töglhofer, Sarah Wohlfeld, and Natasha Wunsch. “Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans.” December 2018.

DGAPkompakt 30 (December 2018), 21 pp.

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