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Toward an Indo-German Green Strategic Partnership

Aligning Partnership Agreements with Foreign Policy Goals

Energy and climate partnerships between India and Germany are approaching a 20-year mark. Now, both countries are adopting green ­technologies and scaling up mitigation efforts more ambitiously, in line with global climate targets – including the goal to triple renewable ­energy capacities. In this policy brief, we look at the bilateral partnerships on climate change mitigation, assess how they align with the two countries’ foreign policy priorities and what a future partnership landscape could look like.

Dr. Abdullah Fahimi
Promit Mookherjee
Dr. Kira Vinke
et al.
Policy Brief

On Trade, a Return of Trump Would Spell Trouble for EU

If Donald Trump wins the US presidential election in November, Europeans should once again brace for major transatlantic tensions on trade. An EU policy of strength would be the right response.

Dr. Markus Jaeger
Creation date

The G7’s Geoeconomic Future

Insights from Conflicts with Russia, China, and Iran
Dr. Claudia Schmucker
Dr. Stormy-Annika Mildner
Avi Shapiro

Macron’s Battle for his European Legacy

Emmanuel Macron’s second Sorbonne speech showed that the French leader wants to shape a European legacy that will outlast his presidency. In doing so, he also highlighted the major fault lines in the Franco-German relationship.

Jacob Ross
Creation date

From Beijing to Kyiv

With his second visit to Beijing to see Chinese President Xi Jinping, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz set himself up for a failure. In contrast, Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, when visiting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky three days later, had a firmer grasp of realities.

Dr. Henning Hoff
Berlin Cable
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