DGAP Appoints Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff as New Director

The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff as its new Director, effective August 15, 2024.
Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff new director as of 15.08.2024

Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, formerly the Guido Goldman Distinguished Scholar for Geostrategy at the German Marshall Fund (GMF), brings extensive experience in foreign and security policy to his role at DGAP. He led GMF’s Berlin office for five years and was a member of the organization’s executive team for over a decade. From 2013 to 2017, Kleine-Brockhoff served as an advisor to German President Joachim Gauck. He started his career as a journalist with Die Zeit and became its Washington, DC, bureau chief.

DGAP President Tom Enders says: “We are thrilled to have Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, an internationally renowned expert, opinion leader and excellent think tank manager, join DGAP. We are looking forward to a dynamic, future-oriented development of DGAP, which, in addition to providing top-class political advice, also utilizes and expands the unique opportunity to have an impact on the breadth of German society via the regional forums. This aspiration fits in with the new Director's approach of focusing and further modernizing DGAP. I am very much looking forward to working with him and to the innovative perspectives and leadership he will bring to our organization.”

Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff says: "In times of significant change, DGAP is needed more than ever - as a platform for discussing, analyzing and rethinking foreign policy and involving a wide range of target groups in shaping and communicating it. I am delighted to be leading this organization right now. This is a mandate for renewal, and I will put my energy and experience at its service with due respect for the tradition of this institution. I am very much looking forward to this."

The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) is committed to fostering impactful foreign and security policy on a German and European level that promotes democracy, peace, and the rule of law. Since its founding in 1955, the nonpartisan organization’s members and research have continued to shape the debate on foreign policy issues in Germany. DGAP’s experts provide decision-makers in politics, business, and civil society with strategic advice based on their foreign policy research and train young professionals in international leadership programs. Through its work, DGAP aims to facilitate well-grounded foreign policy decisions, promote informed debate on foreign policy issues in Germany and further develop German expertise in foreign policy.

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