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A Well-Calculated Move

Ukraine’s Missile Attack against Russia’s Saki Military Airport

Ukraine has demonstrated that it has a new, long-range, precision-strike capability. This is likely to alter the military realities on the ground, particularly in the Kherson direction, creating more favorable conditions for Ukraine’s long-planned counter-offensive. Meanwhile, the weakening of Russia’s dominance of conventional escalation might create new strategic risks.

Dr. András Rácz
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On the Sidelines

Amid dramatic shifts caused by Russia’s war of aggression, Germany is getting a lot of flak for dragging its feet and acting too slowly. The Scholz government is risking its leadership role in Europe.

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The Systemic Partnership

The upcoming meeting of the US-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) near Paris offers the chance to forge a Euro-Atlantic Operating System for democratic technology governance.

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Dossier EN: Russia's War Against Ukraine
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Dossier: Russia’s War Against Ukraine

Russia’s attack on Ukraine on February 24, violating international law, shocked the global community and brought war to Europe – along with fears of a nuclear escalation. Europe and its allies are responding with tough sanctions against Russia in the areas of finance, energy, and technology. In a sudden change of course, the German government has approved arms deliveries that it had previously rejected. While international appeals for a ceasefire are being made to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, one thing is already clear: the European security order as we knew it no longer exists. The German government’s radical U-turn in security and defense policy is only one facet of that.

This dossier provides an overview of DGAP’s diverse expertise and activities on the conflict. See below for statements on current developments, in-depth analyses on how it could have come to this, and recommendations for action to the German government, as well as numerous interviews and high-profile discussion panels.

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