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Doing Business in Disputed Regions
Keys to success for businesses in troubled states
by Eberhard Sandschneider
Doing Business in Disputed Regions
There are enormous risks to doing business in disputed regions. But business activities can be instrumental in promoting stability in failing states. Eberhard Sandschneider presents five strategic ingredients to success for companies willing to do business in problematic regions. Staying out of politics is one cardinal rule.
Category: Fragile States, Economy and Currency, Democratization/System Change, Worldwide
The Importance of Being Europe
To remain a viable world power, Europe must regain its capacity to act
by Eberhard Sandschneider
There are growing differences in the way the transatlantic partners assess each other. While Europe has embraced Barack Obama as an “American European,” America is looking for strategic partners in other corners of the globe. If Europe wants to be taken seriously, it must decide to become a meaningful actor.
Category: European Union, International Policy/Relations, Western Europe, Europe
A Guide to Dragon Care
How the West will have to deals with its difficult partner China
by Eberhard Sandschneider
High-tech powerhouse and developing country, communist single-party regime and engine of the global economy, emerging superpower and fragile titan—China can be many things at once. One thing that it no longer is: a state that the West can afford to take lightly. Abetted by the West, China has become the greatest beneficiary of globalization. Today, the country poses a challenge that has to be met with a coordinated, strategic policy, something of a rarity these days.
Category: Emerging Market Economies, Economy and Finance, China, Asia, East Asia